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Yes, 10/10 site! Work of art! It is exactly everything I hoped for and more. Very well made. Heavy, no way I could have got her upstairs alone, while in box. A few extras were added including a different cute outfit and small cleaning kit. Great effort to clean so bear in mind when choosing fixed of insert. I chose fixed. Import taxes to France were included in price. Great service, great people. Made me a completely new doll, kept me updated. Worth the wait, really a work of art.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, the vendor is legit. Great shop, great team, great first experience! Being my first time, I was so scared about scams, but the seller made me feel I was in good hands and they guided me and patiently resolved all my questions. Had an issue with a head and they replaced it as soon as possible. Great job! I’m so happy with my doll now. Beautiful woman. And it is a perfect firm to buy from; they help if you need it. They know how to keep you around 🙂

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Yes, the customer service is top notch. Arrived as expected! Once I cleaned her up and she was all dry and clean, I dressed her up and got her together… My gosh, the moment I looked at her felt like love at first sight. I wasn’t so sure if I was going to end up regretting this decision, but as soon as she was looking right at me fully dressed… I knew this felt right to me. Since she arrived (it has been almost 2 weeks we’ve been together now), she has been such a wonderful surprise, and a true blessing to have in my life. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, totally trust thsi vendor and satisfied! I first ordered the doll as pictured but then changed my mind. I went with a different body with bigger breast, different head, and eye color. What I ended up with is beautiful. The people at this site worked with me the whole way. I also ordered various wigs so I can change it every day if I want. All in all, I am totally happy with the everything I got and the seller.